Bachledówka is a hill about 947 meters about sea level in the Gubałówka foothills between Czerwienne and Ratułów, ca. 8 km from Zakopane. It is a special place in Podhale region. Standing on Bachledówka hill you can admire from all directions unforgettable view of unique mountain landscapes.

Gubałówka mountain at the feet, the sunset over Babia Góra …

In the south the horizon is closed by vast and majestic panorama of Polish and Slovak Tatra mountains. An experienced hiker will easily spot Czerwone Wierchy, Giewont, Kasprowy, Świnica or the nearby Gubałówka as well as the Slovak peaks: Lodowy, Hawrań, Łomnica…

If you look in the north-east direction and if the weather is good you can spot the the highest peak of Pieniny mountains with Trzy Korony, in the north direction – Gorce with Turbacz, in the west Babia Góra and Pilsko. 

Conveniently located Bachledówka far from city noise and rush but close enough to Zakopane, the heart of the biggest Polish mountains Tatry,  makes the hotel touristically attractive. It is worth mentioning that proximity to tourist trails of Tatra National Park and possibility of avoiding heavy traffic of famous “ Zakopianka” road adds value to the trip.

Bachledówka is also an ideal place for unhurried walks and cycling tours. Best snow conditions last almost until the end of April and that makes that the ski slopes near Bachledówka are visited every year by many skiing enthusiasts.


Hotel & Spa Bachledówka is located in the Czerwienne village (founded about 1630) belongining to the Czarny Dunajec district.
In Czerwienne preserved the characteristic architectural style of Podhale region and the inhabitants cultivate their highland folklore with pride and in natural way through their dialect, ceremonies, clothes, music and other elements of their tradition.
In the region you can find several hundred years old linden that have been declared as a natural monuments, in the upper part of the village there is a wooden belfry. 

Through Czerwienne-Bachledówka lead tourist routes: from Chochołów, from Czarny Dunajec, from Ciche and from Szaflary to Zakopane (through Ząb and Gubałówka) and cycle routes among other things through Ząb to Gubałówka where you can admire the beautiful panorama of Tatra mountains.

We recommend the Nordic walking enthusiasts or hikers walking tours through region with unique mountain views. 

The Paulin Fathers’ Order and the Sanctuary of Black Madonna of Częstochowa 

There is Paulin Fathers’ Order and Sanctuary of Black Madonna of Częstochowa on Bachledówka.
Paulin Fathers’ church on Bachledówka delights with its highland interior design, beauty and lightness captivating even the keen admirers and experts of the architectural style of Podhale region. The church was consecrated by Cardinal-Priest Franciszek Macharski in August 1991. 

In the years 1967-1973 Bachledówka was regularly visited by Primate Stefan Wyszyński. During his stay he lived in the double storey wooden villa, built according to the local architectural style. The villa can be still seen today and it is called “Tebaida” (named after the desert where stayed St. Paul the Hermit)

Bachledówka was not only often visited by the Primate, but also by the Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, the then Archbishop of Kraków, who in the years 1969 and 1975 leaded a retreat in the heart of Podhale. He worked here on editing of synod documents, visited often the priests during their retreat and during the summer holidays catholic youth movements because he liked to spend time with them at the bonfire. On September 27, 1978 two weeks before the historic conclave during which he was elected Pope, he took part in the retreats for priests organized on Bachledówka.
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