Podhale – geographical area especially rich in warm energy coming from inside of earth – is famous for its thermal swimming pools attracting numerous tourists each season. 

Thermes Chochołów
Due to the specific mineralization, unique composition of minerals and elements important to health, bath in thermal waters has a perfect healing and rehabilitative influence on our body, it improves significantly our health and mood, reduces stress, stabilizes the nervous system and heart rate, improves the overall psychophysical condition, and even eliminates insomnia.

In addition, these waters restore hormonal balance of the body, improve matabolism, relieve headache, arthritis and accelarates significantly convalescence after operations and past illnesses. 

But first of all the time spent together with the family at the thermal swimming pool is very important, it is an interesting way of spending a nice day and fun for the little ones.
Hotel & Spa Bachledówka is located in the vicinity of the largest and most popular thermal complexes in Podhale:
  • Thermes in Bukowina - http://www.termabukowina.pl/
  • Aqua Park in Zakopane - http://www.aquapark.zakopane.pl/ /
  • Thermes in Szaflary - http://www.termyszaflary.com/
  • Thermes Białka in Białka Tatrzańska - http://www.termabialka.pl/
  • Open-air geothermal swimming pool on Szymoszkowa - http://szymoszkowa.pl/kapielisko/
and the impressive (located closest to the Hotel & Spa Bachledówka - approx. 8 km) Thermes Complex which, according to the plan, will be at the guests' disposal not until summer holidays 2014 - http://www.terma-chocholow.pl/

All thermal swimming pools are equipped with many facilities such as hydromassage jets, benches and equipment for massage, geysers etc.
We recommend to all our Guests the visit to chosen thermes especially on days when the weather does not spoil us. Fun and relaxing in thermal swimming pools is certainly an interesting proposal for an active and healthy holiday.

Hotel & Spa Bachledówka offers you any information concerning access and offer of the chosen thermes. We offer our Guests the purchase of the tickets to the therms in our hotel, so that you don't have to spend time standing in queues to buy an entrance ticket.
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